A Personal Threat Management System

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At Weaponize-Your-Body we offer a proven approach to teaching self-protection skills. We equip our clients with a deep understanding of threat physiology and psychology — along with verbal jiu-jitsu to deescalate potential conflict situations  — and the physical skill sets to survive interpersonal conflict.

Our clients include civilians and organizations who are investing in their traveling executives personal safety skills  — to military, law enforcement and close protection teams.



A practical, no-nonsense, easily learned primer to developing empty hand self-preservation skills. This course focuses not only on the physical techniques, but developing situational awareness, managing threat physiology and Verbal jiu-jitsu.


Companies around the world have to send their employees to parts of the world that may be less than safe. We ensure we train your executives the essential skills to remain safe no matter the environment they find themselves in.


A comprehensive empty hand combatives program teaching soldier’s use of escalation force spectrum when dealing with an enemy combatant. From control, to surviving an all out interpersonal assault. Program is highly customizable per unit mission brief.


While there are many fantastic LEO courses on restraint and arrest techniques, our course focuses primarily on the worst case scenario – an officer, who is unable to access his or her primary service weapon while trying to survive an all out physical assault.


In close protection you have to worry about multiple variables: Your principle, potential threats, and yourself. In this course, we teach close protection operators how to both keep their principle and themselves safe in potential interpersonal conflicts.


Increasingly in the news the ‘blade’ is becoming the go to weapon utilized in interpersonal conflict and terrorist attacks. We teach a highly pragmatic approach to dealing with defending against edged weapons.

I would like to thank Rodney for an awesome experience, what a training event. Inner game training is simply a very neglected area and I am glad we had unique opportunity to start to work with such a professional mental game coach like Rodney. We got to learn a core inner game plan and several strategies, that exceeded all our expectations. Learning to deal with highly stressful situations, fear, low self-confidence after mistakes are simply part of our everyday experience as operators. However the question was always, “how to overcome them.” But now, thanks to Rodney, we have a logical step-by-step blueprint we can use to overcome these inner obstacles. Huge thanks to Rodney for his professional approach — he is true leader who raised our performance levels to new heights.
Slovak Spec. Op Team Leader
Rodney’s approach to inner game training allowed every team member to reach their full physical and mental potential. It also allowed everyone to keep a consistent performance level. Its effectiveness helped in particular situations where stress and frustration are a daily occurrence. Rodney has created whole mental game approach that was able to turbo charge our self-confidence and focus under pressure. Two critical elements for the battlefield, as a Team Leader that I have personally enjoyed was “dealing with mental game problems” and been able to analyse them and implement a “purposeful thinking” methodology. This simply opened another world for my guys and myself. The training was an awesome opportunity to gain new knowledge and apply it in live action. An outstanding training program. We are looking forward to seeing Rodney next year in 2008 for a follow-up!
Slovak Spec. Op’s Team Leader
Simple, functional, effective, non attribute based – and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system. Rodney’s understanding and ability to break complex movements down to the simplest easy to understand (and replicate) patterns shows his depth of knowledge and experience as a coach and trainer.
Head Trainer for One of the US Army Special Forces Groups
Finally! Functional defensive tactics training for law enforcement! Thank you Rodney King. As a law enforcement officer and defensive tactics instructor I am always looking for newly evolved training to enhance our programs. The tactics available to us now are geared towards a compliant subject and leave a lot to chance when facing a suspect who wants to take you out. Rodney’s’ program and stand up game deliver effective defense to gain control of a combative situation quickly using gross motor movements and allows the officer to transition to other tools as needed. As a defensive tactics instructor the Rodney’s program is a solid foundation for any law enforcement training unit. 2 thumbs up!
Constable, 548 -Saskatoon Police Service




We recognize that organizations, units and teams face unique challenges, and often require custom developed programs to fit their needs. We pride ourselves on developing bespoke empty hand self preservation programs for a vast array of situations and environments.