From Tier 1 Operators to Traveling Executives, Weaponize-Your-Body (WYB) is an accessible, proven self preservation training system.

Designed using our All-Terrain Methodology, WYB is deployable anywhere from jungles to the urban sprawl.

WYB will equip you with the necessary tools to build a robust personal security platform so that you can defeat any and all interpersonal violent encounters.


Civilians | Traveling Executives | Cabin Crew | Military | Law Enforcement | Close Protection Officers

"Simple, functional, effective, non attribute based – and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system. Rodney’s understanding and ability to break complex movements down to the simplest easy to understand (and replicate) patterns shows his depth of knowledge and experience as a coach and trainer."
Head Trainer for One of the US Army Special Forces Groups

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