Teaching anyone how to both confront, and deal with interpersonal violence, by the very nature of the subject makes it difficult. Applying empty hand defensive and offensive tactics then invariably requires a teaching approach that goes beyond simply the teaching and practice of those skills.

In the midst of interpersonal conflict, the defender has to not only deal with the psychophysiological changes that drive the attackers behavior, but invariably his own. This is why any pedagogical approach to learning to deal with interpersonal violence,  needs to be taught from both the physical, biological, and psychological components.

In the Weaponize-Your-Body pedagogy our solution to teaching interpersonal violence is not simply a physical one (sadly how most empty hand defensive tactics programs are taught). In WYB we ensure that our approach not only teaches a participant how to recognize their biological changes that happen to their own body in violent encounter – but then in turn, how to manage those inner experiences more effectively – while being able to deploy the necessary physical techniques to neutralize the threat.


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